Handyman Looking for Work Lands Job at Green Star Home Remodeling

Handyman Looking for Work Lands Job at Green Star Home Remodeling

By greenstarlouisville August 07, 2020Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare via Email

You just never know what the day will bring. That was certainly the case for Robert Simpson and Kyle Kark when a chance meeting pulled one of the men out of a tough spot and gave the other an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life—and to pull together an entire community. 

Simpson was living in a hotel with his girlfriend and her 6-year-old son after recently losing his apartment. He was running short on the rent for the place as his $1,000 a month disability check wasn’t enough. 

So he made a sign and stood on a street corner looking for a solution—but he wasn’t asking for money. Instead, the 64-year-old handyman just wanted a job. 

Enter Kark, owner of Green Star Home Remodeling. He saw Simpson with his sign and decided to give him some work for the day and buy him some groceries, but this chance meeting would turn into much more than that. 

After picking him up, Kark posted an update on the Green Star Remodeling’s Facebook page:

“I picked up Rob this morning from his hotel. He hasn’t stopped working ever since. This man did not want anything else but to have some work to do. I respect anybody that is willing to put their hard hat on and grind in order to provide for their families.”

Kark wrote that he was especially touched when Simpson, now known by many as Rob the Handyman, said he tried to make at least $2.37 each day to buy his stepson a Kinder egg. At some point, Kark realized this was going to be more than just giving a guy a job for a day. 

Seeing how hard he worked and getting to know Simpson over lunch, Kark expanded his efforts. A GoFundMe was set up (as of this writing, more than $20,000 has been raised), people on Facebook flooded Kark’s comments with offers of clothing, jobs, and even a minivan for Simpson. 

What started as a nice gesture to help a guy out with a day’s worth of work turned into an entire community banding together to make sure Simpson’s family would be safe and have what they need. 

Now that he no longer has to worry about being put out on the street with his family, it would seem that Simpson was the one who received the greatest blessing, but Kark sees it a little differently. 

Responding to one of the many comments praising him for his generosity, Kark wrote of Simpson:

“He has been showing us what kindness is. In the face of adversity he still has the best countenance. HE has been a lesson to all of us. WE are the lucky ones here. <3”